Mr. Business

You see those smart guy glasses, that unkempt beard and that general feeling of unhygienic persistence, well thats all the Tude baby, If you need something to complain about my god will this man put you in your place. He aint got no time for your bullshit. Get it done or deal with the Tude.


The Muscle

And also the face. This is the presenter, the promoter, the host. We couldn't have a better man to lead the party and get the people ready for a great night. If you want to book a great night at a spot in the city or the soon to be LUX lounge, give him a call. 


Fearless Leader

Or general manager if you will. Vladimir is the organizer, the glue that keeps everything together. Vladimir has been a worker, patron and promoter of many different lounges and clubs. He has an eye for what makes a good party experience both intense and relaxed. If you have any business inquiries, this is the first man to call. If you want to get on a guest list for a great night, he is also the man with the plan. 


Master WhitePants

Alex Topialyan is our promotor, business partner and co-founder of our future lounge LUX. Alex has an associates in Bio chemistry and does work as a software engineer. So he's pretty f**king smart. This party animal will keep you on your toes with his charm while he keeps on his toes in his stylish white pants.